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"Melting Pot “ is an India to Europe exhibition tour of paintings by four women artists of different nationalities all working in India. The project is initiated by two artists working in Belgrade-Mumbai and Bristol-Bangalore;  Barbara Ash from the U.K. & Katarina Rasic. In 2015 they had the idea to form a working artist collective, and use their "international links", by connecting artists and shows in India, where they currently work, with their home countries.

Exhibitions so far:

KASHI ART GALLERY, Kerala, South India, April 2016
SUBLIME GALLERIA, Bangalore, South India, May 2016
KOMBANK ART HALL, Belgrade, Serbia, June 2016
THE NEHRU CENTRE, the cultural wing of the Indian High Commission, London, July 2016
SERBIAN EMBASSY, London, U.K, July, 2016
GALLERY BEYOND, Mumbai, India, January, 2017

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Juan Cruz; Dean of Fine Art at the Royal College of Art (2014 - 2020)​​​ giving an inaugural speech at the Melting Pot exhibition at the Indian High Commission in London.











Barbara Ash with her work at the Melting Pot launch, Kashi Art Gallery, Kerala, South India.

Barbara Ash at the Melting Pot launch.
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