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November 2019



Barbara has been selected for 2 upcoming shows in November; The Discerning Eye, London - selected by Kwame Kwei Armah

and is a finalist for the Marshwood Arts Prize, selected by Tania Kovats & showing at Bridport Arts Centre -















Barbara was awarded the Marshwood Arts Prize 2019; selected by Tania Kovats in the sculpture category.

































May 2019

A recent sculpture made for the wonderful “Uncharted territories” show in Cambridge; an artist-led exhibition looking at Brexit & migration, a great group of artists reflecting on pertinent issues.









October 2018

Barbara has just been elected a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, joining a very established international network of sculptors.






























September - December 2017



Barbara Ash is on the current shortlist to become a Royal west of England Academician & currently has work in the RWA Candidate Academician exhibition; info below:

little englanders.jpg
Mall Galleries exterior.jpg
marshwwod arts prize - tania kovats.jpg



July - August 2017

Barbara's work was selected for "Roots and Wings"; an exhibition held at House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough, U.K, exploring the themes of girls growing up around the world; inspired by a study which stated that Middlesbrough was the worst place for girls to grow up in the UK. 

"The images in the diptych are taken from from the toys page of the Argos shopping catalogue. The work looks at expectations and aspirations - little girls still enthusiastically play the coveted role of “princess” in playground games, but the reality, although women in the western world have more rights than 50 years ago, a great number of women still have to survive with low-paid domestic jobs like cleaning or looking after children, and there is still a big wage divide between men’s and women’s jobs. The Hoover can be seen as a symbol of “class” in this context, who uses it and for whom."

Barbara Ash.

Role models, 2016. Acrylic, canvas. 16" x 9"

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